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Dear friends,

This year our company turns twenty-five. Today, MTS has become a modern digital business and a leader in the Russian telecom and IT market. MTS is a diversified company not only providing traditional communication services but also proposing a wide range of innovative IT products and implementing new digital projects.

The key formula of MTS long-term success is transparency, partnership and fairness in business. We enjoy confidence of millions of customers and thousands of partners, shareholders, employees and members of the public. This longstanding confidence is based on MTS impeccable business ethics resting on a strict compliance with laws and adherence to the best global practices and standards of business conduct. In 2015, MTS joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business.

In order to comply with the anti-corruption requirements, identify, assess, analyze and mitigate corruption risks, the company is implementing an effective compliance system. We are sure that the efficiency of such a system always depends on personal responsibility of each employee who understands, shares and is committed to observe compliance principles at work. For this very reason, each employee of the company, irrespective of position, complies with the Code of Corporate Conduct and Business Ethics of MTS – a framework document specifying principles of workplace behavior and rules of cooperation with customers, business partners, government agencies and external audiences.

All business processes of the company are carried out in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Laws Compliance Policy developed pursuant to the Russian and international legislation.

Openness and willingness to negotiate with our customers and partners is another very important part of our compliance culture strengthening its effectiveness. We have launched a Unified Hotline available for both our employees and partners to which any information about violations of the Code of Corporate Conduct and Business Ethics, as well as any corrupt practices with the involvement of MTS representatives may be reported.

Speaking of the compliance culture in the company, I can’t help but say that MTS has managed to form one of the best anti-corruption compliance teams in the market setting professional standards in this area both in Russia and internationally. We highly appreciate our colleagues’ work, and its efficiency was once again impressively proved in 2018 by a successful certification of MTS for compliance with the ISO international standards of compliance management.

We value our business reputation and corporate culture that have been formed for many years. Launching advanced services and dealing with current and new projects, we strictly comply with applicable law and adhere to principles of fair conduct and high standards of business ethics.

Yours sincerely,
Alexey Kornya

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