Compliance and business ethics

MTS operates in all its markets of presence in strict compliance with applicable laws and the principles of fair trade practices, high standards of business ethics and professional behavior adopted at our Company.

The Code of Corporate Conduct and Business Ethics is the underlying document that sets forth the norms of internal corporate behavior, rules of interaction of MTS employees with customers, business partners, state authorities and external audiences. The Code is obligatory for all MTS employees to comply regardless of the occupied position.

A compliance system is being developed at the Company to make sure that its activities are in line with the requirements of the anticorruption laws in force, as well as to identify, analyze and corruption risks. The Anti-corruption Laws Compliance Policy was approved to be followed by all employees of MTS.

If information is available about a breach of the Code of Corporate Conduct and Business Ethics or a case of corruption with involved representatives of MTS, both employees and our partner may contact the Unified Hotline which operates in in our Company. The contact details can be found in the section “Unified Hotline” below.

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