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среда, сентября 30, 2015

Alexey Kornya, MTS CFO and Vice President for Finance and Investments, a member of CNBC global CFO Council, spoke with CNBC about the current macroeconomic environment, its impact on MTS and superior growth MTS is delivering in its markets. You can watch the video at the CNBC website

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среда, сентября 30, 2015

Andrei Ushatskiy participated in an online CTO roundtable discussion on OSS/BSS organized by Global Telecoms Business. Andrei shared his thoughts on the major challenges with OSS and BSS development and the role these systems play in the launch of convergent services. Click here to read the full story.



среда, сентября 23, 2015

MTS has partnered with QIWI Post to install QIWI Post drop boxes in MTS shops in Russia. The first drop boxes have already been installed in Moscow, and boxes will be installed in five other cities by the end of the year. We expect this initiative to drive more traffic to our stores and increase the efficiency of our outlets by making the collection of orders placed through our Internet shop hassle-free. 

The drop boxes occupy an area of three square meters and are co-branded by MTS and QIWI Post. To pick up a delivery, customers simply need to enter their mobile phone number and confirmation code on the screen of the terminal.   

Qiwi Post provides automated delivery services to more than 200 of the largest online stores in Russia, including Ozon, MediaMarkt, Ulmart, Avon, Oriflame and Amway. QIWI Post has installed roughly 380 terminals in 21 Russian regions.


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четверг, сентября 17, 2015

We recently published the English-language version of our 2014 Report on Sustainable Development. Highlights from this report are detailed below.

At MTS, we view our Sustainable Development Report as a way to illustrate how our business leadership translates to social responsibility as we assess the impact our business decisions have on society, quality of life issues and the environment in our markets. Since 2014, we have focused our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to support the Company’s “3D” (Data, Differentiation and Dividend) business strategy. In addition to upgrading networks, optimizing tariffs for our clients and maintaining a high level of innovation, we take an active part in local communities and implement hundreds of charitable, environmental and social projects. As our support for the community continues, we are pleased to announce that during 2014, MTS’ CSR and charity expenses totalled RUB 815 mln.

Highlights from the 2014 Report on Sustainable Development include:

· We are constantly improving the high-quality communication services we provide to clients and as such, in 2014, we continued to implement the federal social and educational project “Network for All Ages”. This is designed to increase internet literacy among people aged 40 and over, in order to promote modern information technologies and useful online services by helping them acquire practical skills in using the internet for everyday tasks.

· With the support of a variety of partners, MTS has been running “Children on the Internet”, a program launched in 2011 to promote convenient and safe use of the Internet among children, parents and teachers. Since its inception, the program continues to be a success and has been utilized by more than 300,000 children, as well as their parents and teachers.

· MTS continues to encourage its social programs which embrace the volunteer involvement of employees, clients and partners and for the fourth year, MTS volunteers organized the “Green Express”, a campaign designed to support disadvantaged social groups and draw public attention to the problems of social development in Russia.

· MTS supports the national charitable program “Give Good!,” which aims to provide urgent assistance to children who are dealing with serious illnesses. Launched in 2011, the program has proven successful in dispersing funds to children in need; it’s budget in 2014 more than doubled compared to 2013 to RUB 42.1 mln.

· The Company supported the 2014 WWF Earth Hour campaign designed to raise public awareness of the need for a responsible attitude towards nature, with MTS staff taking active part in contests, polls and donations dedicated to the campaign.

While the report is focused on Russia, MTS  applies  similar CSR philosophy in all of its markets of operations.  



среда, сентября 16, 2015

In H1 2015, MTS added over 100 corporate customers. During the period, 1.5 times more SIM cards were sold than in H1 2014. Russia's leading banks, industrial companies, retailers, IT and FMCG companies have chosen MTS as a provider of mobile, fixed-line and IT integtation services. Among our new customers are ITAR-TASS media agency, AZIMUT Hotels Company, Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz as well as many SMB companies.  

Elena Nechay, MTS B2B Marketing Director, commented, “The tight macroeconomic environment means that companies of all sizes are reviewing their business processes and looking not only for growth potential, but for opportunities for cost savings. The dynamic growth in our subscriber additions showcases that enterprises in Russia are embracing mobile communications to improve business efficiency and cut costs. We are seeing strong growth in usage of mobile data and valued-added services resulting from the development of high-speed data networks across Russia.”

Half of all newly acquired MTS corporate customers are using mobile Internet in addition to voice services. Penetration of data usage among corporate customers has increased by 10% year-over-year. Russian companies are actively using M2M solutions, including smart meters, employee monitoring, navigation and geolocation services as well as online access to corporate resources. We also register growing demand for the services of data processing centers and cloud solutions.

The development of LTE networks and rising smartphone penetration are impacting the patterns of mobile Internet usage. In addition to mailbox services on mobile devices, corporate customers are adopting instant messenger services, online conferences and dedicated mobile applications to improve communications both within company and with clients and partners.



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понедельник, сентября 14, 2015

We would like to share with you a report on the patterns of mobile data usage on MTS's network in Russia during the first six months of 2015.

Click below to read the full report. 

Mobile Data Usage Report H1_2015.pdf (889.92 kb)



среда, августа 05, 2015

We are pleased to share with you our a new report on the smartphone market in Russia in Q2 2015 based on the estimates of our retail chain.

Highhlights of the report include:

- In Q2 2015, the Russian smartphone market grew by 4.1% year-over-year to RUB 48.7 bln.

- Roughly, 5 mln smartphones were sold in Russia during the period which represents a decline of 9.2% compared to Q2 2014.

Sales of smartphones in the MTS retail stores in rubles grew by 40.7% year-over-year and by 33.6% quarter-over-quarter, while the volume of smartphones sold in MTS’s stores in Q2 2015 increased by 36.2% year-over-year.


You can download the full report below.

Smartphone Market Report Q2_2015_FIN.pdf (1.02 mb)

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вторник, июля 14, 2015

We have analysed roaming data over the holidays season (May – June 2015).


Key findings include:

-     Russians are travelling abroad less and more within Russia. The number of MTS customers, who roamed internationally in May-June 2015, decreased by 20%, compared to the same period in 2014, while the number of our customers who roamed in Russia grew by 7%.

-     The travel preferences of Russians haven’t changed from 2014. The top 10 most popular destinations include Turkey, Egypt, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.

-     In line with global trends, the consumption of voice and messaging services in international roaming declined y-o-y: the number of outgoing SMS fell by 33% and voice traffic decreased by 31%.

-     At the same time, MTS customers have increased usage of all types of services in national roaming, as the volume of outgoing SMS rose by 7% and voice traffic grew by 15% compared to the same period last year.

-     Both in Russia and abroad, MTS clients are embracing mobile data in roaming. In spite of the reduction in international travel, volume of data traffic used internationally grew by 65% y-o-y, while data traffic in national roaming increased by 85%.

-     Maps and tourists applications remain the most popular applications used in roaming, at the same time we see more customers accessing social media and browsing online when they roam compared to previous periods. 

Growth in mobile Internet usage in roaming continues to be driven by the development of data networks, rising penetration of smartphones in the subscriber base and increased availability of LTE-roaming through MTS’s roaming partners abroad.



вторник, июня 30, 2015

Andrei Ushatskiy, MTS Vicre President, Technology and IT, participated in a Global Telcoms Business  roundtable discussion of the leading telecom CTOs. Andrei commented on the challenges in rolling-out LTE networks, potential for VoLTE deployment and transition to a new technological paradigm post LTE. Clicke here to read the article.

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среда, июня 17, 2015


Subscribers (mln)March 31, 2015 

December 31, 2014

Russia 74.49 74.56 -0.07 -0.1%
Ukraine* 20.25 20.22 0.03 0.1%
Armenia 2.12 2.15 -0.03 -1.3%
Turkmenistan 1.67 1.72 -0.04 -2.5%
Uzbekistan 0.42 0.19 0.24 125.2%
MTS Belarus** 5.28 5.31 -0.03 -0.6%


Subscriber data for Russian mobile operators is compiled by Advanced Communications and Media, a management consulting and research agency specializing in telecommunications and media. You can view their Q1 2015 subscriber report here.  In Q3 2014, MTS adjusted its subscriber methodology to reflects three-months of subscriber activity instead of previously used six-months methodology. Numbers for the previous periods have been retrospectively adjusted.


* Including CDMA subscribers
** MTS owns a 49% stake in Mobile TeleSystems LLC, a mobile operator in Belarus, which is not consolidated.


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