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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MTS today reintroduced its MTS Money Wallet app to the market, which brings new functionality to offer its users a suite of financial services, all from one app.  

From originally offering limited payment and money transfer functionality, MTS Money Wallet has significantly expanded its service offering to become a fully integrated financial platform. The updated version offers users the following:

Expanded payment services: users can make payments from their e-wallet account, mobile account balances, a bank card issued by any Russian banks and now users can issue a prepaid NFC bank card inside the app (the last option currently works only with MTS Bank and for Android users).

Higher availability: both individual and corporate users can use MTS Money Wallet. Now it is also available for non-MTS subscribers. 

Contactless payments: by creating a prepaid MTS Bank card (so far available only with MTS Bank and for Android users), users can now use the app to make contactless payments at POS terminals 

Online shopping: customers can pay for their goods online using MTS Money Wallet’s one-click functionality

Investment services: users can buy and sell mutual funds through the app

Increased synchronization with MTS Bank: more seamless integration, including the ability to apply for other MTS Bank services such as credit cards through the app

Expanded merchant base: payments can now be made with a broader range of merchants

MTS is continuously developing the MTS Money Wallet app to offer more functions. As this service develops further, users will be able to make payments on messenger apps, tie up their wallet account to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and buy other investment products, including shares and bonds. From July 2017, the service will also open up to feature phone users, which will allow them to access the MTS Money Wallet services through USSD commands. At present, 45% of MTS’ subscribers use feature phones, meaning the launch of USSD functionality will significantly expand the e-wallet customer base. MTS will continue to integrate the MTS Bank mobile app features inside its e-wallet. 

By the end of 2017, payment terminals of different merchants in Russia – including shops, restaurants, taxi services and online stores – will be accepting ‘MTS Money Wallet as one of payment system as well as they accept Visa, MasterCard, MIR cards. MTS Money Wallet users will be able to earn loyalty points and access exclusive offers from the Company’s partners, since every user is automatically enrolled onto the MTS Bonus program. 

MTS Money Wallet was originally launched in August 2016 as the MTS Money app. Approximately 35 million of MTS’ subscribers currently use the operator’s financial services, and six million of them are active mobile commerce users. The penetration number has been growing by 25% each year since 2014, creating significant growth potential for the penetration of MTS Money Wallet.

To start using MTS Money Wallet, simply download the app or sign-up at

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Monday, August 29, 2016

MTS announces the launch of its mobile app “MTS Money”, which enables customers to upload virtual banking cards, tickets for public transportation in Moscow and discount coupons to their NFC-enabled smartphones.

After installing the service on the smartphone via Google Play, MTS subscribers will be able to upload their “MTS Money” banking card into the app or register a new one without visiting MTS offices. The balance of the card can be replenished directly through the app from the cards of other banks, from a subscriber's mobile account or through MTS payment terminals. From that moment on, customers will be able to pay for goods and services in any store throughout the world, equipped with contactless POS readers, using only their smartphones. Over time, customers will be able to upload banking cards of other Russian banks as well.

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Monday, August 01, 2016

MTS will launch a new, easy-to-use, payment system, allowing customers to leave their cash and bank cards at home.  MTS subscribers will be able to make payments from their mobile accounts in a variety of stores or cafés. The system requires customers to provide their mobile number to the cashier and the transaction will then be confirmed by SMS. The designated stores will have to use special MTS POS-terminals, although MTS will gradually integrate this payment service into traditional POS-terminals that are in current use.

MTS will earn a commission from every transaction while increasing its share of loyal customers, given that the churn rate is 25% lower among customers using both mobile and financial services.

The service will be introduced in Moscow and, by the end of the year, in Ekaterinburg.

In 2015, the mobile commerce turnover from MTS mobile accounts increased to RUB 14.6 bln from RUB 12.8 bln in 2014, while the number of users increased from 2.6 mln in 2014 to 3.1 mln in 2015.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

MTS, in partnership with MTS Bank, are launching sales of “MTS Smart Money”, a debit card that allows users to use various mobile services free of charge subject to certain conditions, such as making a minimum amount of monthly payments with the card or by sustaining a minimum balance on the account. Subscribers of a number of tariffs, including “Smart”, “Smart+” or “Smart Nonstop”, are eligible for the service. This is the first product of its kind on the Russian market, and it reflects increasing synergies between telecommunications and financial services.

MTS Money is a joint project in cooperation with MTS Bank, which MTS launched in April 2011. The project aims to developing financial services on the basis of mobile communications for MTS customers. Credit and debit cards “MTS Money” can be purchased at MTS salons and MTS Bank outlets.

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