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Thursday, May 31, 2018

MTS, Ericsson and Intel have piloted a virtual cyber sport game on 5G network supporting high speeds and low latency.  

At Startup Village 2018 Conference, a major start-up event in Russia organized by the Skolkovo Foundation, the participants matched the game played on 5G trial zone by the cyber team of Immergity, VR/AR games development studio. Gamers in the role of pilots of intergalactic ships in VR helmets fought in the exciting game AI Rebellion with the forces of artificial intelligence that came out of human control.

For two days in the gaming zone at Startup Village 2018, two gaming stations interacted in the virtual space game using Ericsson’s base station and Intel® 5G Mobile Trial platform connected to the 28 GHz band with a minimal delay of 4 ms, at least five times less than on LTE networks.

Vyacheslav Nikolaev, Vice President, Marketing, MTS, commented, "In cooperation with our partners, we continue to demonstrate the potential of 5G for various use cases. This time, gamers used 5G in "real combat conditions". The results of the games showed advantages of low latency provided by the new technology. In a little while, this parameter will be a mainstream not only for entertainment but also for everyday needs such as a remote control of various processes, autonomous vehicles and Tactile Internet. Such examples include telemedicine and e-learning, the areas where low latency and dot-to-dot transmissions of fine motor skills play critical role".

Hannes Ekstrom, Ericsson Vice President, Business Development with MTS, Ericsson in Russia, commented, “5G opens vast opportunities for industrial and consumer scenarios in multiple areas - smart manufacturing, smart buildings, connected machines, fleet management and urban transport, meters and consumer electronics. Gaming is one of fastest growing industries and important part of many people’s life. In addition to high data speed and fast internet, 5G will bring new capabilities such as low latency and long battery life.  These aspects will be critically important for scenarios, which we presented today in cooperation with our strategic partner MTS.”

The trial is a part of the strategic partnership between MTS and Ericsson within the framework of the agreement signed in December 2015 on cooperation in the development and implementation of 5G in Russia.

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MTS at SPIEF 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On May 24-26, MTS took part in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2018, an annual Russian business event that brings together senior executives of major Russian and international companies, investors and political leaders. At the forum, MTS announced news on cooperation with its partners and signed a number of agreements with Russia’s regions to boost their digital development. 

MTS and SAP launched the Center for Expertise of Integration Solutions for Retail

MTS is one of the few companies that independently develop and maintain the vast majority of software used to run their own business. We are building up necessary IT competencies within the company and then offer best practices for the development of our corporate clients. 

MTS and SAP, a world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue, announced the launch of the Center for Expertise of Integration Solutions for Retail to improve MTS’s business efficiency and identify new areas of profitability growth both for our own operations, as well as those of our corporate clients. 

The first stage of cooperation assumes delivery of software that allows MTS Retail to improve business process management. MTS purchased SAP for Retail, solution for automating retail business, SAP Process Mining by Celonis for analyzing the company's business processes, and SAP HANA data storage and processing platform.

At the next stage, MTS intends to expand its portfolio of digital solutions offered to corporate clients with new products developed jointly with SAP and provide a full range of services for systems integration. 

MTS and Nokia will unite Russian IoT objects into a single digital system

 IoT is a strategically important area for MTS. The new partnership with Nokia in automation of management of connected devices and applications, coupled with the launch of the Nokia IMPACT IoT platform deployed on the MTS network infrastructure significantly strengthen our market position. It will help us address issues critical for all IoT players in the market, such as the compatibility of IoT components and information security. 

Companies that use industry platforms, solutions, applications, services and sensors will be able to centrally manage all of their IoT components. As a result, software and hardware solutions of any given IoT system using different work protocols can be easily combined into one digital system. Centralized management of IoT components will allow for managing all connected devices, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the end user equipment and scaling solutions. 

Nokia IMPACT provides corporate customers and government bodies with a secure platform for creating new IoT services based on international standards. The scope of functions includes data collection and routing, device fleet management, application support on all devices, work with various protocols in various data networks, including LoRa and NB-IoT. The platform is designed to work in key industries, including smart cities, utilities, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and public security. A set of tools provided by Nokia IMPACT allows the customer to create and implement secured IoT solutions in a short space of time. The security feature provides protection to both personal data and devices themselves. The open interface makes it possible to integrate this platform with third-party applications and devices. 

MTS and Huawei will create a multimedia platform for innovative TV products

MTS is actively focused on the entertainment segment. Recently, we entered the e-ticketing and e-sports markets. In the TV and video content broadcasting segment, MTS has been maintaining its leadership for many years. At SPIEF, MTS tied up with Huawei to create a unified multimedia platform to develop MTS TV products further, including mobile, cable, satellite TV and IPTV. The transition to a new platform will accelerate introduction of innovative solutions in MTS TV services and their integration with other products offered by MTS and its partners. MTS intends to invest RUB 2.5 bln in the project. We expect that in the next five years the project will double the number of TV channels in HD and UltraHD format, and triple the overall number of available films and series. The transition of all MTS TV services to the new platform is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

MTS signed strategic agreements with Russian regions

At SPIEF, MTS also concluded strategic development agreements with the municipalities of five regions of Russia – Voronezh, Rostov and Novosibirsk regions, Primorsky krai and the Republic of Ingushetia to stimulate their digital development. Under these agreements, MTS will invest RUB 9.7 bln until 2020 to digitalize regional infrastructure within the Digital Economy program. MTS will test its innovative digital solutions in IoT, telemedicine, smart education, FinTech, cybersecurity, Big Data, Clouds, and e-commerce.

At SPIEF, Alexey Kornya, CEO and President, MTS, talked to CNBC. If you missed his interview, watch it here:  

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Monday, May 07, 2018

MTS has launched an Electronic Document Management (EDM) service that will allow our business clients to move away from paper documents and exchange legally binding documents both within the company and externally - with their customers, suppliers and other parties. Legally binding documents are those perceived as veritable and have an electronic signature. MTS is the first among the Russian telecom companies to independently develop the solution, has the license of EDM operator and provides a service without intermediaries.

All the documents that are sent through the MTS EDM system are signed with an electronic signature that uses cryptographic information protection technology, to eliminate the risk of data leaks. On top of this, the service will allow clients to keep electronic records of all their documents, systematize them and benefit from a convenient document storage and search system in the archive.

For MTS’s current corporate clients, the system does not require the installation and update of special software: documents exchange is organized through a universal web interface over secured communication channels. New customers can use the service through the application on the MTS website

Sergey Plotnikov, Director, B2B Department, MTS, commented, "Electronic document management is a strategically important base service for the further development of our digital services for business customers. By reducing costs, increasing the transparency of processes, accelerating decision-making, e-document management significantly increases the efficiency of any business, regardless of its size, turnover or market. A Russian company spends 151 rubles on average to produce, sign and transfer one paper set of documents, while a similar process in e-format costs seven rubles. The companies that switch to our EDM can reduce their costs on consumables and logistics minimum in 21 times".  

Our EDM service helps a range of different businesses to optimize their costs. According to MTS estimates, IT and Telecoms companies can use the service to accelerate their payment processes by six times, and reduce their document delivery processes by 88%. EDM allows banks and retailers to double the range of services that they provide to customers in remote locations, and using EDM can reduce a company’s manual data entry errors by 54%. Energy companies and those operating in the car industry can reduce the time it takes to track documents by a third, and the system allows them to edit documents online 40% faster than when they were using paper. 

In 2017, MTS received authorization to become an EDM operator from the Federal Tax Service, and we fully comply with all the legal binding EDM regulatory requirements. Technical support of the solution and its development is carried out by a system integrator NVision Group.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

MTS has been working extensively in the region of Tatarstan to introduce and deliver innovative technological change through a range of exciting partnerships. We are helping to transform the economic potential of the region, stimulate talent and ultimately improve the quality of life for Tatarstan’s citizens. 

Having previously announced this news at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, MTS has now opened an R&D Center in the Techno park "Innopolis" in partnership with Ericsson. The Center is designed to develop a wide range of innovative solutions using 5G, IoT and Big Data technologies.  

At the opening ceremony of the R&D Center, we also announced that we have signed several agreements with partners to boost innovative development across the wider Tatarstan region.

Building on our successful “Smart City” partnership agreement in St. Petersburg, we have committed to working closely with city administrations throughout Tatarstan to digitalize urban infrastructure. We now have strategic development agreements with the municipalities of Arsk, Almetyevsky and Innopolis. These partnerships were created in an effort to develop innovative “Smart City” infrastructure across the region. 

We are excited to be launching NB-IoT network pilot zones in these cities to test IoT solutions, many of which were created in the joint MTS and Ericsson R&D Center in Innopolis. The NB-IoT network is best suited for data collection, analysis and management, as well for the remote monitoring of devices. The launch of these networks in Tatarstan will allow us to test and implement high-tech IoT-based products and services in the region. These are essential building blocks for “Smart City” development used to improve security solutions, revolutionize transport and environmental monitoring, and encourage digitalization in various industries and government agencies.

Another way we are supporting and driving innovation in the Tatarstan region is through our partnership with KAMAZ, a leading Russian manufacturer of trucks and engines headquartered in Tatarstan. We are developing mobile communication networks to support KAMAZ-engineered self-driving vehicles and industrial IoT solutions. KAMAZ is the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Russia and a recognized leader in the driverless vehicle industry. Our telematics solutions will be used in KAMAZ’s vehicle navigation systems. 

We are also rolling out 5G mobile communication networks to provide support for KAMAZ’s driverless vehicles through the launch of pilot zones in collaboration with the KAMAZ Research and Technology Center. Furthermore, MTS and KAMAZ will jointly develop and implement industrial IoT tech solutions for the automation of manufacturing processes at KAMAZ’s plants. Ericsson, our R&D Center partner, will also act as a telecommunications equipment supplier in the creation of the communication networks for these driverless vehicles. Through the KAMAZ partnership we hope to test and develop technology like our ready-to-use 5G ecosystems with the prospect of eventually rolling this network service out more widely across Tatarstan. 

Alexey Kornya, President and CEO of MTS, commented, "Breakthrough technologies come about through the intersection of collaborating industries and individuals. Close affiliations between research, business and universities can transform innovative ideas into real products.  In order to accelerate the launch of our technological solutions, we set up our R&D Center in Innopolis with Ericsson. To ensure our Center was committed to a number of concrete projects, we chose to develop Smart City solutions with a number of City administrations of Tatarstan and to sign the agreement with KAMAZ. MTS and Ericsson are actively working on applications for 5G, IoT and Big Data technologies. We are confident that our joint R&D Center, with the support of the Tatarstan authorities, will become a natural hub for partners, leading enterprises and universities to develop and implement innovative commercial products. In the future, we intend to replicate our successful solutions in other regions of Russia, and we hope to develop the most successful solutions offering available on the global market."


MTS launches a cloud-based service for personal data storage and processing

Friday, April 13, 2018

MTS launches a cloud-based service to help businesses protect the personal data belonging to their clients and employees, and meet the data protection requirements set out in Russian legislation.  The service not only provides customers with personal data cloud storage, but also includes assistance in drafting documentation for approvals by the relevant authorities.

The service uses a dedicated protected cloud system, #CloudMTS, utilising a fault-tolerant infrastructure within the VMware virtual platform. 

Our new offering allows clients to store information systems that are involved in collecting and processing personal data within the Cloud. These include personnel management systems, corporate content, and systems managing customer interactions, among others. 

The solution will be useful to businesses dealing with personal data, such as banks, insurance companies, medical organizations, logistics companies, retailers with loyalty programs and many others businesses.

Our protected #CloudMTS service has been certified by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) and fully complies with the requirements of the ‘On Personal Data’ federal law, as well as other relevant regulations. Our data is kept secure through the use of firewall systems, protected communication channels, anti-virus protection and vulnerability analysis software. 

Vladimir Khrenkov, Director of Innovation Development at MTS, commented:

“Russian business demand for better information security systems continues to grow. “Uberization” and digitalization are reshaping traditional solutions in this industry. As one of the leading suppliers of innovative digital solutions, MTS is able to enter this market with a comprehensive solution that provides  reliable protection from threats, and reduce costs for customers through utilizing their own IT equipment. Our cloud service capabilities are constantly expanding and we are prioritizing  improving them further  by engaging with the latest industry developments.”

#CloudMTS allows customers to reduce the capital expenses that come with creating and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. In our solution, economic efficiency is combined with flexibility and easy cloud management. MTS is able to provide maximum reliability because of their distributed network of  data centers, and their use of modern equipment from leading global  vendors.

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Andrey Ershov speaks with Total Telecom

Thursday, April 12, 2018

At the Gigabit Access conference in Brussel dedicated to the access technologies, Andrey Ershov, CEO of MGTS, spoke with Total Telecom about the challenges and opportunities in the Russian telecoms market, the company’s transformation and GPON network in Moscow as a technological platform for digital services.  Click here to read the interview.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

“MTS.Kassa” is a comprehensive cloud-based service offered by MTS to small and mid-sized businesses. It includes free connectivity, software and FDO (fiscal data operator) functionality.

New legislation requires individual entrepreneurs and trading companies to maintain their accounting records online. MTS offers a solution that helps companies to fully comply with the new standards. The online cash register provides cash or non-cash settlements, electronically sends purchase data directly to tax authorities, controls turnover, and also boasts business analysis capabilities. MTS.Kassa equipment can be bought in installments on the dedicated website, as well as through MTS stores.

The "MTS. Kassa" kit is presented in two versions: a basic mobile cash register with a sensor display for small outlets and couriers; and a stationary device with a full-size screen and a stand-alone fiscal register for larger stores with higher customer traffic. The devices send data either through the mobile network or Wi-Fi. All information is then stored in a secure cloud, allowing businesses to monitor their activity from any location convenient to them.

Kirill Dmitriev, Vice President, Sales and Customer Services, MTS, commented:  "In line with our strategy to provide useful services for business, we offer an integrated product that provides a comprehensive solution for a business need. MTS.Kassa is a unique product in the Russian market. Moreover, we can offer this service at a very attractive price due to our strong IT expertise and synergy with LiteBox, the developer of cloud software, and NVision Group, our systems integrator. This and similar partnerships within the MTS Group open limitless opportunities for further development of apps, financial services and cloud computing.”

Another benefit of the MTS online cash register is that it not only allows entrepreneurs to fully comply with legal recruitments, but also simultaneously helps them to rapidly digitize their business. MTS.Kassa provides businesses with an immediate set of modern sales management tools: automated procurement management, inventory management, residual analysis, margin assessment of goods, and loyalty programs management.

 MTS announced its entry into the cloud cash register market in October 2017 after the acquisition of  a 50.82% stake in the Russian retail software developer Oblachny Retail LLC, operating under its trademark name LiteBox. In December 2017, MTS subsidiary NVision Group received an FDO (fiscal data operator) license from the Federal Tax Service.

Vyacheslav Nikolaev speaks with European Communications

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Vyacheslav Nikolaev, CMO, MTS, spoke with European Communications about the need of operators to move away from connectivity-based business models and develop new digital services. While some telco executives are skeptical about entering new verticals, Vyacheslav is convinced that moving into new areas is the right way to go. Click here to read the full article.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We are entering the gaming market through the acquisition of Praliss Enterprises, giving us the opportunity to own one of the world’s leading eSport clubs – Gambit Esports. This will further distinguish us in the industry as we push the boundaries of digital innovation.
Gambit Esports has four teams (16 players in total) participating in the most popular cyber game disciplines: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2 and FIFA. Gambit Esports teams have repeatedly earned world and European championship titles, as well as silver and bronze medals, in the largest international competitions. Among other accolades, the Gambit team is the current reigning World Champion in CS:GO Major Championship, an analogue of the Champions League in football, and so far is the only team from the CIS to have become the Major Championship winner of CS:GO.

The club owns a number of exclusive assets, including rights to participate in prestigious international tournaments, its own production of branded clothing and a studio for creating media content (e.g. promos, video tutorials, entertainment stories, etc.) The primary sources of the club’s income are sponsorship contracts, prizes, sales of brand attributes and digital goods, remuneration for participation in leagues, as well as transfer revenues.

Our cybersport strategy includes marketing initiatives, as well as development of new products for gamers and their fans. To achieve these goals, we created a separate eSports division within the company’s Innovation Center. The head of the eSport division will be Irina Semenova, an expert who has amassed 17 years of experience in the gaming industry and is one of the founders of that is currently considered to be one the best cyber sport teams worldwide. The division will also be guided by the CEO of Gambit Esports – Konstantin "Groove" Pikiner who becomes the eSports director of MTS. Konstantin has been in the gaming industry since 2002 and has extensive experience in managing and originating successful eSport projects. Konstantin also actively participated in the development of a number of cybersport clubs, including, k23, Moscow Five in addition to Gambit Esports.

The eSports industry today is a rapidly expanding sector, especially among the younger consumer segments. We intend to utilize the advertising opportunities offered by Gambit Esports in order to further promote our brand, as well as offer sponsorship cooperation to interested corporate partners. Entering the eSports market is also fully in line with our digital strategy, aimed at developing products that lie outside the traditional telecom sector, to push boundaries and innovate. Today, we offer customers more than 25 mobile applications (MTS Taxi, MTS Music, MTS Books, etc.), B2B cloud solutions, data analysis based on Big Data, cybersecurity systems and telemedicine services.

eSports market

Research compiled by Superdata Research, shows that in 2017, the global eSports industry reached $ 1.5 billion and is forecasted to grow up to $ 2.3 billion in 2020. Today, the interest in cyber games is growing exponentially: according to Esports charts portal (website), more than 5.5 million people watched The International, a tournament for Dota 2, an analogue of the World Cup in other sports, in 2016, while in 2017, the tournament gathered around 10 million viewers. The peak audience of the finals of the World Championship in LoL in 2017 exceeded 106 million people simultaneously watching the online broadcast.

Further research from PayPal and Superdata Research indicates that Russia ranks second in Europe as an eSports market (after Sweden) and boasted a value of USD 35.4 mln in 2016. Similarweb data shows that on average there are 780 million global monthly visits to the streaming platform Twitch, on which Russia continuously ranks second or third in terms of traffic volume. In 2016 in Russia eSport was recognized as an official sport discipline with the right to be broadcasted at all federal TV channels.

Our move to the gaming industry was inevitable as we  aspire to be on the forefront of working with industries and technology disruptors that challenge, inspire and innovate.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

MTS launched the Open IoT Lab in Moscow to demonstrate and trial a wide range of IoT solutions, bringing together IoT suppliers and customers to further stimulate growth in the market. It is the first of its kind in Russia based on NB-IoT (Narrowband-Internet of Things) technology and launched under the GSMA Mobile IoT initiative.

The MTS Open IoT Lab is an innovation space, where our corporate customers, partners and suppliers can explore current and future IoT-enabled solutions in a wide range of fields; from water consumption metering to city lightning management. The Lab serves as a showcase for the effectiveness of various pilot and commercial fragments of IoT-networks utilizing numerous sensors and devices that transmit data to clouds for further processing. The devices are managed and controlled through tablets and laptops, with visual reporting shown on large screens.

The IoT Lab presents the results of our cooperation with a number of vendors. The central part of the showcase is a test NB-IoT network in the 800 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands with four pilot products based on Nokia technologies: smart home solutions, smart city infrastructure monitoring and management, energy consumption control in housing services, and physical facility security systems. There is also a test NB-IoT network based on Ericsson solution for housing and communal services.

The adoption of the NB-IoT standard by regulators will further accelerate the commercial launch and rollout of IoT solutions across Russia. Due to the greater available network capacity, energy efficiency and high sensitivity offered by radio modules, the new standard will allow to connect multiple IoT devices to one base station, even in difficult conditions of signal passage and without the sensor battery replacement for several years. MTS is well prepared for the fast approaching connected future and has a wide portfolio of innovative IoT products and services for B2B customers, including solutions for smart home and smart city, monitoring and security, as well as production processes management and others.

Calling to “Explore IoT”, our Lab serves not only as a showroom for MTS IoT products in action, but also as a real laboratory to rise tomorrow’s IoT products. It is designed to provide our partners and device manufacturers wishing to accelerate the development of connected devices with access to our facilities at no cost. They can bring their early stage projects or solutions to our Lab for testing and receiving first-hand operational experience. MTS IoT experts are also available in the Lab for support.

“Today’s announcement serves as yet another illustration of MTS digital-focused strategy. With the launch of the Open IoT Lab, MTS reinforces its commitment to develop the IoT ecosystem in Russia. By providing reliable connectivity and working together with our partners and device manufacturers, we can accelerate the future of the Internet of Things. As next steps in the IoT development, we will strengthen our presence in the IoT segment through open source platforms, cloud apps and the introduction of IoT Platform fit for any scale. We believe that the IoT evolution will benefit individuals, businesses and entire economics by escalating connectedness, removing physical barriers, and harnessing Big Data,” said Kirill Dmitriev, Vice President, Sales and Customer Services, MTS.

"Today, we present a comprehensive infrastructure of the Internet of things using commercially available standardized solutions and open interfaces. The implementation of this project will allow MTS to become the centre of the Russian ecosystem of IoT, combining many developers and applications in various sectors of the economy. The opening of the MTS IoT laboratory is the next step in implementing agreements between our companies in the development of IoT and 5G, "said Demetrio Russo, Vice President, Eastern Europe, Nokia.

“There is a real sense of momentum behind the roll-out of Mobile IoT networks across both NB-IoT and LTE-M with 29 global launches around the world to date. This is underpinned by a growing community of over 25 open labs supporting operators, equipment manufacturers and vendors to trial new technologies,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA. “We welcome today’s announcement as it provides innovative Russian companies with the opportunity to trial new products and services using LPWA networks and accelerate their time to market.”


МТS leadership and pioneering on the Russian IoT Market

· MTS is the pioneer in M2M field in Russia. MTS was the first operator to introduce the first M2M tariff plan. It was also the pioneer to launch Smart Metering service.  

· MTS is the leader in the Russian IoT market in terms of telematics SIM-cards. According to AC&M Consulting, our market share in 2016 was 43%. 

· MTS regularly expands and actively promotes its portfolio of IoT products and services in Russia:

o In 2009, MTS offered the first M2M solution for vehicle monitoring;  

o In 2011, MTS launched the M2M Manager service to set and control multiple IoT devices;

o In 2016, MTS and Nokia tested the first complex IoT solution and NB-IoT in Russia; 

o In 2017, MTS launched the IoT Platform with an open API for different IoT solutions for enterprises, including "Smart Metering" service.

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