About the blog

About this blog

As the leader in telecommunications throughout Russia and the CIS, MTS is about connecting people to the people and places where they live. By developing this blog, we aim to similarly connect the places where we operate to the world at large by showcasing our markets, our products and services and our thinking on telecommunications. We invite you to consider this blog a connection point to our company and its people.

And at any time, we encourage our readers and followers to check our ‘News’ section for financial news and other important disclosures from MTS.

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House rules & guidelines

  • In this community, on-topic comments are requested, multiple points of view are desired and respectful disagreements are welcome.
  • Swearing, off-topic comments, offensive, ad-hominem, or conspiratorial comments are not allowed or banned).
  • We’ll follow the laws of our home country. You follow the laws of yours.
  • Comments are moderated and we reserve the right to delete then when they violate these principles.
  • Our privacy policy addresses what information we retain about visitors.
  • Anonymous quotes are not allowed. We find that the conversation is more civil when everyone uses their real name.

We thought you might be interested in the social media policy that governs our team members.

MTS Social Media Guidelines

  1. Follow MTS’s Code of Ethics and Business Behavior.
  2. Don’t be afraid to join conversations – you can add great value and insight through your participation!
  3. Be yourself. Always be transparent and authentic online, and never assume a false identity.
  4. Be the first to correct your own mistakes. Apologize when necessary.
  5. You should neither claim nor imply you are speaking on MTS’s behalf. MTS has official channels for such communications. Make it clear that your opinions are your own.
  6. For blogs and social networks that are not strictly personal, you must include the following disclaimer if you identify yourself as an MTS employee or if you substantively discuss MTS: "The opinions expressed here are my own, and they do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of my employer, MTS."
  7. You may not publish information that is confidential, sensitive or proprietary to MTS or our business partners. You may not disclose any information about any specific customer.
  8. Your blog or online social networks are not the place to conduct confidential business with a customer, partner or supplier.
  9. On MTS- run social media channels, refrain from discussing inflammatory topics such as religion or politics. Stick to business and culture-related discussions.
  10. Employees must follow the user agreements and community guidelines established by each online community.
  11. Respect international copyright laws and fair use norms online. Your postings should not contain MTS’s logos or trademarks.
  12. Assume that all online activities are not anonymous. Identify yourself as an MTS employee if neglecting to do so could be misleading to community members.
  13. Know that by linking to certain videos and sites, you’re implicitly endorsing them. Use good judgment with the sites you recommend.
  14. You are personally responsible for content you publish – know that what you say and write is likely to be indexed and stored forever.
  15. Personal social media must not interfere with your MTS work commitments.

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