Friday, July 15, 2011

Today we are issuing a report on mobile retail in Russia during Q2 2011, based on the estimates from our mobile retail network. 

Highlights from the report:
- During Q2 2011, the number of phones sold in Russia is set to increase by 20% compared to Q2 2010 with around 8.8 mln devices sold
- During Q2 2011, the mobile handset market in Russia has expanded by 16% in sales compared to Q2 2010 to reach 36.8 bln rubles
- The average price of mobile phones during Q2 2011 decreased by 3.2% compared to Q2 2010 to reach 4172 rubles
- Sales of smartphones in the sales mix in the MTS retail network during H1 2011 reached 17%
- The market share of MTS retail network grew to 15.2% in Q2 2011 up from 13.7% in Q2 2010 in terms of handests sold (including wholesale sales) 
- MTS-branded handset MTS Basic 140 was the most popular device sold through the MTS retail network, accounting for 4.9% of total units sold  

Please download the complete report
Mobile retail report_H1 2011 ENG_final.pdf (271.97 kb)

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