Thursday, December 01, 2011


At the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 's Telecom World 2011 event, the United Nations Broadband Commission for Digital Development announced “ambitious but achievable” targets for countries to make broadband available and affordable across the globe.


As reported by ZDNet UK, the UN commission stated that “40 percent of households and 50 percent of people in developing countries should have internet access by 2015, and overall 60 percent of people worldwide should be able to get online.”


This Broadband Challenge has been issued to world leaders, top policy-makers, industry leaders, users and consumers underscoring that the “greater communication and understanding made possible through access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) can help us overcome the challenges in our complex and interdependent global society.”


According to AC&M estimates, broadband penetration in Russia currently stands at 30%, while in Moscow and St Petersburg it exceeds 70%. Bringing Russia in the digital age is a part of the MTS mission. We are working on digitizing networks in many of the Russian cities, while in Moscow we have started roll-out of GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) that enables Internet access at the speeds up to 100 Mbs. Deployment of GPON is an ambitious project that will transform Moscow in one of the best wired cities in the world. By 2015 MTS customers in Moscow will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet access, HDTV and a variety of state-of-the –art content and communication services.


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