Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Finanical Times has publushed an article on the recent developments in Uzbekistand and the decision of the MTS management to take a $1.079 billion write-off in Q2 2012. Click here to read the article.



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Twitter March 25, 15:08
#MTS CFO Alexey Kornya discusses ruble on CNBC $MBT http://t.co/vbFvR65iOv

Twitter March 17, 15:21
#MTS FY2014 results: Adj OpCF +1.8% despite RUB/UAH volatility; FCF decline due to prepayments on 2015 CAPEX. $MBT http://t.co/ujnpKTL61T

Twitter March 17, 15:18
#MTS FY2014 results: 2015 Outlook - Group Revenue >2%; Group OIBDA Margin >40%; CAPEX RUB 85 bln $MBT http://t.co/Q48KYJb9qn

Twitter March 17, 15:17
#MTS FY2014 results: UKR rev +1.1% despite cessation of biz in Crimea $MBT http://t.co/8A71tN0ifG

Twitter March 17, 15:16
#MTS FY2014 results: Russia revenue +5.6%; Russia OIBDA +4.5% $MBT http://t.co/xERAqRY5JG

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