среда, августа 29, 2012

The Finanical Times has publushed an article on the recent developments in Uzbekistand and the decision of the MTS management to take a $1.079 billion write-off in Q2 2012. Click here to read the article.



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Twitter февраля 22, 17:09
Ура! MTS extends contract of Dubovskov until 2020 (RUS) :: Технологии и медиа :: РБК https://t.co/KZMj0Hgz1a

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Vasyl Latsanych, MTS Brand Ambassador : $MTS brand is no longer about mobile only, it's about #IoT, #broadband, #TV… https://t.co/huhuSCm5hW

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$MBT #MTS equipped ~4,000 metro trains with #femtocells to boost the quality of signal for its subs in Moscow metro https://t.co/DBKIHhj1bT

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$MBT Igor Egorov, Head of Moscow Region at MTS: #MTS goes underground to provide #3G based services for its subs… https://t.co/55d6w7ntjo

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