среда, августа 29, 2012

The Finanical Times has publushed an article on the recent developments in Uzbekistand and the decision of the MTS management to take a $1.079 billion write-off in Q2 2012. Click here to read the article.



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Twitter ноября 24, 11:21
#MTS is the leader by the number of SIM-cards for #М2М/IoT with 4.4mln sold in 2016, +22% yoy https://t.co/hRgJbWVW3o

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#MGTS is recognized the most dynamic operator in #digital TV by @ComNews: in 2016, its sub base grew 27% yoy https://t.co/hRgJbWVW3o

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#MTS refarms 1,800 MHz spectrum to #LTE network in St Petersburg https://t.co/xxf8UM9hqZ

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#MGTS expands its #network carrying capacity through switching to #10GPON to secure #digital #transformation of… https://t.co/IONAkqHVYb

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#MGTS cooperates with over 3,500 B2BG organizations in #Moscow $MBT #MTSS https://t.co/eXYqqCm8UU

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