среда, августа 29, 2012

The Finanical Times has publushed an article on the recent developments in Uzbekistand and the decision of the MTS management to take a $1.079 billion write-off in Q2 2012. Click here to read the article.



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$MBT new partnership with Far Eastern Federal University https://t.co/TXAIhObLvY

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$MBT strengthens digital safety through cooperation with cyber security firm https://t.co/JKcDttN4uy

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MTS opens up TV service to developers https://t.co/PkTSFp6YZa

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$MBT launched innovative 2-year master progtam on #eHealth in cooperation with Polytech University https://t.co/68b9WVxjLT

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#MTS Q2’17: Grp Rev +0.3% Grp OIBDA +8.2% Grp NProf +62.6% Revised Outlook: Grp Rev +/-2%; OIBDA >+4% CAPEX lower to RUB 75 bin $MBT $MTSS

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