Monday, January 21, 2013

On December 3, 2012, MTS sponsored “Russia Day” at the New York Stock Exchange, an annual gathering of Russian and American business leaders designed to promote Russian companies among international investors. With the rapid maturation of Russia's largest companies, Russia Day has become an opportunity for both sides to review the past year's milestones in trade, regulation and market development.


Across multiple forums, MTS's CEO Andrei Duboskov came bearing a single message:  the NYSE should be more actively communicating to the Russian business elite that the liquidity benefits of being listed on the NYSE will maximize asset value while expanding opportunities for growth and development.  At the same time, Russian companies should embrace the stronger management and governance standards espoused by the Exchange.  This level of partnership will in turn greatly improve many of the misperceptions about Russia and the Russian economy held by a wide range of market participants.


Photos and videos of the event, which featured 200 U.S.-based institutional investors, executives, advisers, global media and government officials in attendance, can be found at the NYSE website. Speakers included: Vladimir Dmitriev (Chairman, Vnesheconombank), Igor Zyuzin (Chairman, Mechel), Kirill Dmitriev (CEO, Russian Direct Investment Fund), Mattias Westman (Founding Partner, Prosperity Capital), and Gokhan Saygi (President Russia and Central Asia, Schlumberger). The event concluded with its principal attendees at the closing bell ceremony


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