Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I recently spoke on a panel at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management’s Marketing Conference. True to the panel’s theme, “The New Golden Age: Informed, Engaged and On-the-Go,” the debate was lively, but there was not much disagreement; advanced research techniques are rapidly becoming the newest competitive cudgel for products and services.  Analytics simply represents both the biggest opportunity and the biggest threat to marketers in 2013.


One of the many highlights of the conference was Nike’s Davide Grasso opening the day’s program with a keynote discussing Nike’s marketing philosophy and its 2012 release of the FuelBand, a device that tracks one’s daily activity. Grasso shared how the product’s debut aligned with the key elements of Nike’s brand and strategy development: relevance, consistency and impact. In addition to creating a new product category, the product propelled Nike’s brand strength and doubled the size of its increasingly critical digital community.


Ken Dickman of Accenture emphasized that marketers must become literate in analytics and learn how to extract insights from big data to secure a competitive advantage.  This discussion allowed me to speak on our Red Quest  marketing campaign, which has greatly broadened how we define and influence the buying habits of millions of Russians (you may recall our tie-in to Transformers 3!).


I explained how our data revealed that consumers stick more to what they have experienced than to what they just purchased, which is why we spend so much of our R&D time on creating positive experiences for customers.  Nearly every two weeks, our teams are deploying new marketing concepts to stay ahead of our competitors and our customers’ increasing levels of sophistication.  

All of the panelists agreed that the importance of truly understanding your customers is critical to designing programs that are appropriately targeted to entice consumers and be effective to achieving a company’s goals.

Here is a link to the RedQuest video and more information on the The Kellogg Marketing Conference 2013.

You can watch a video from the conference below.

By Vasyl Latsanych, Vice President of Marketing, MTS


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