Friday, May 17, 2013
Subscribers (mln)March 31,  2013 

December 31, 2012 

Total consolidated subscribers, mln 96.36 95.50 0.86 0.90%
Russia 71.33 71.23 0.10 0.14%
Ukraine 20.76 20.42 0.34 1.66%
Armenia 2.38 2.40 -0.2 -0.83%
Turkmenistan 1.89 1.44 0.45 31.25%
MTS Belarus 1 5.24 5.23 0.01 0.19%


Subscriber data for Russian mobile operators is compiled by Advanced Communications and Media, a management consulting and research agency specializing in telecommunications and media. You can view their Q1 2013 subscriber report here.

1 MTS owns a 49% stake in Mobile TeleSystems LLC, a mobile operator in Belarus, which is not consolidated.


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