Wednesday, February 12, 2014

During the first weekend of the sporting events taking place in Sochi, MTS subscribers and roamers have transferred 18.2 TB of traffic using high speed mobile Internet networks. This volume corresponds to approximately 36 mln photos uploaded to Instagram or 340,000 mp3 tracks of the official Olympic hymn! Over the past weekend, MTS customers in Sochi have made voice calls boasting a total duration of 120 mln minutes and sent 13.2 mln SMS. This is equal to the text of approximately 5,000 copies of the Olympic Charter.


The highest levels of usage were registered in the sea cluster area and at the territory of Krasnaya Polyana


Andrei Ushatskiy, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MTS, commented, “We have once again demonstrated that our networks can efficiently operate in peak busy hours and have ample capacity to process gigantic amounts of voice calls, text messages and data traffic. MTS is the market leader in Krasnodar Krai, which encompasses the Sochi region and in turn necessitates a high level of commitment to providing best-in-class services to our customers at a time when many guests are attending key sporting events taking place in the region.”


Today MTS offers coverage of all of the outdoor sporting facilities in the sea and mountain clusters. MTS has completed substantial network enhancements throughout the territory of Greater Sochi, including the areas where sporting events will take place. In 2013, all of the base stations in Sochi were upgraded to DC-HSDPA technology, which enabled MTS to increase peak data transfer speeds up to 42 Mb/s. In December 2013, MTS also increased capacity throughout the Sochi and Adler areas by 30 percent. Total investments in the network in the region during 2011-2013 exceeded RUB 10 billion or USD 300 mln. 




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