Thursday, April 07, 2016

MTS and Ericsson, the world leader in the field of ICT, announce the successful testing of three-frequency band aggregation in an existing commercial 3G network operating in Ufa (The Republic of Bashkortostan).  During testing, peak data transfer rate increased by one-third – up to 63 Mbit/sec, which is comparable with 4G speeds.

The aggregation of three 5 MHz band carrier frequencies was conducted in the 2.1 GHz band with data being transferred by one stream to a single mobile device, which supports HSDPA Multi-Carrier 3 Carriers technology.

Today, more than 90% of MTS 3G base stations work on DC-HSDPA+ technology, which utilizes dual-carrier bands and provides peak rates of 42 Mbit/sec. Nevertheless, 64% of DC-HSPDA+ base stations in 83 regions of Russia are enabled with third frequency carrier capabilities, which may be used to increase the capacity of the network by one-third or to increase access rates up to 63 Mbit/sec.

Around 68% of MTS total data traffic is 3G, so the Company continues to upgrade its 3G networks. Since 2014, MTS has enabled tri-carrier frequency on base stations in different regions of Russia. The steady growth of access speed of 3G base stations from 42 Mbit/sec to 63 Mbit/sec demonstrates that the technical specs come close to those of 4G networks. That is why with new mobile terminals appearing on the market MTS plans to use tri-band carrier aggregation to increase speed and use 3G frequencies more efficiently.


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