Wednesday, June 07, 2017

MTS has signed a partnership agreement with Skolkovo for the development of MTS’ existing and new IT services. As part of the agreement, MTS will provide open access to its programming interfaces to enable Skolkovo developers to apply innovative updates for MTS’ apps. MTS will also be working with Skolkovo start-ups on developing brand new IT services. 

The Skolkovo Innovation Center, also known as the Russian Silicon Valley, is a unique ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, engendering a startup culture and encouraging venture capitalism. The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. 

As part of the agreement, MTS will open up access to its application programming interfaces (APIs) and provide computing resources in its cloud infrastructure to all Skolkovo residents interested in developing IT solutions. This will allow developers to apply their technologies directly to MTS’ existing products and test them in cooperation with the operator. If trials prove successful, MTS is ready to offer commercial partnerships for the joint development of products.

MTS also intends to work with Skolkovo’s start-ups on new product development. MTS is particularly interested in the development of ground-breaking technologies in new promising areas where the operator can expand its service offering, such as e-health, online education and e-sports. Skolkovo would offer grants to residents who are selected as MTS’ partners. 

In addition, MTS and Skolkovo intend to spearhead a wider initiative aimed at developing Russia’s IT industry. This will include the organization of regular industry events and provide opportunities for industry experts to share knowledge.

"MTS is already developing solutions based on the world's most innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data analytics, and we are constantly looking at ways to ensure our products remain at the forefront of technological development. The start-up community at Skolkovo is well-known for being a leader in innovation and we’re excited to work with the residents to both enhance our existing IT services and develop new ones. Our customers will become the primary beneficiaries of such partnership and will be the first to try the most advanced and innovative MTS’ products," said Vladimir Khrenkov, Director of the Innovation Center, MTS.

"The partnership with major tech leaders enables innovative companies to choose a promising area of development, and then turn their interesting ideas into practical solutions. As part of the joint work of the Skolkovo Foundation and MTS, several promising "pilot" projects related to the telecommunications industry have already been launched, and we hope to make this collaboration more systematic and intensive, "said Konstantin Parshin, Vice President, Executive Director of IT Cluster of the Foundation Skolkovo.


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