Thursday, October 26, 2017

MTS has decided to enter the further education market and will deliver its award-winning and innovative learning experience to outside corporate students.   

We educate people since 2001. From its beginning more than a decade ago, our small training department that delivered specific technical knowledge to MTS’s employees has grown and transformed into a major part of our corporate identity. Today, MTS Corporate University offers a comprehensive range of 70+ training courses and 150+ online programs on marketing, communication, leadership, IT, healthy lifestyle, stress management and other disciplines.

As part of our digital transformation, and expanding our product offering, we decided that it is time for our Corporate University to open its doors to the wider public, sharing its knowledge and experience with our business clients. In addition to existing courses, we plan to provide customized programs for our corporate customers, tailored to their unique challenges and characteristics. We also intend to obtain a license to provide education services that will allow us to issue official documents on successfully completed training.

MTS Corporate University applies high educational standards and uses a variety of innovative techniques to provide market-leading training. In 2016, we launched the Virtual Academy, a unique digital platform for individual professional and personal development. With justification, our university is recognized as one of the leaders in the corporate education landscape globally as well as in Russia. This year, we were named one of the world’s best corporate universities, receiving the silver award in the international Innovation category at the Global Council of Corporate Universities (“GlobalCCU”) Awards 2017.

Russia’s further education market is estimated at over Rub 100bln in 2016, with corporate clients accounting for approximately 1/3 of the total revenue. The share represented by online education, however, is only around 10%.

Once fully launched, MTS Corporate University will compete with training companies and niche business trainers, as well as other corporate programs such as Sberbank University and Rosatom Corporate Academy. We believe that many of our large B2B clients that already value our efficient and innovative approach to services may soon become our students as well.




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