Our policy on charity

We regard charitable activities as an integral part of the Company’s social responsibility. For this reason, our policies on charity are governed by the same principles as those of MTS’ social policy.

Priority is given to those projects which are aimed at improving peoples’ quality of life.

We concentrate on long-term charitable projects which work towards easing the most pressing social problems, embracing the widest possible social group and which are in accordance with the priorities of the state’s social policy.

As far as location of charitable projects is concerned, we are interested in projects which can be realized on the widest possible scale. This may be within one country or in all the countries where MTS does business.

In line with MTS’ social policy, we are interested in executing projects which aim to create equal conditions and opportunities for people who live in both remote regions and large population centers.

We believe that modern information technology can go a significant way towards improving quality of life and can give people the opportunity to realize their potential. For this reason, we give priority to those charitable projects which exploit our technology, projects and services to achieve these aims.

With regard to the most pressing social problems facing us today, we believe that society is most in need of charitable projects which encourage the stable development of the younger generation. If businesses take a social stance which promotes actively addressing this generation, it will promote the creation of a congenial and successful future society.

We are open to cooperation with federal and regional authorities, non-commercial organizations and representatives of business communities who wish to run joint charitable programs. These must be in accordance with MTS’ social policy and our charity policy and be carried out under the conditions of an equal partnership. All the applicable legal and other regulations must likewise be observed.

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