Cooperation with shareholders

The key aspect of our cooperation with shareholders is providing unrestricted access to information and transparency of reporting.

For MTS, disclosure of information and cooperation with shareholders is determined by the requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, New York Stock Exchange, the Russian Federation legislation, the Company charter and the Company’s internal regulations. We practice a strict and precise approach to preparation of our financial reports. This guarantees a high level of public disclosure of information.

All significant financial and operational information, published by the Company, is audited by external auditors.

Over the last few years, MTS has been praised as one of the most transparent and open companies in Russia and the CIS (according to evaluation by Standard & Poor’s).

In its activities, MTS aims to provide equal opportunities to all shareholders. This includes timely access to information and protection of their rights.

In order to perfect the processes of cooperation with its shareholders, MTS participates in international ratings on corporate management, informational transparency and credit ratings.

MTS has an investor relations department that is responsible for developing and maintaining a dialogue with the key outside audiences of the Company, including investors, shareholders, rating agencies, financial analysts and international media. In addition, the department fulfills the disclosure requirements of a publicly traded company and maintains one of the highest levels of information transparency in Russia and the CIS. The investor relations department leads MTS’ global outreach effort and provides a variety of services to internal MTS departments that facilitate greater interaction and cooperation with our stakeholders.

All significant information is publicly accessible on the corporate website under the heading “Investors and Shareholders”.

Contact investor relations:

+ 7 495 223 20 25

MTS Investor Relations
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