Recent charitable and community-focused programs

Recent charitable and community-focused programs

MTS as the leading Russian telecommunications’ operator, said CSR and Charity activities an important aspect of its social position. MTS is actively involved in social and charitable projects in all territories of its operations since the foundation of the company in 1993. In 2009, the company has developed and put into practice a common CRS and Charity strategy, which enabled a structured approach and proactive work to this type of activity, in the interests of long-term development of both our business and local societies. Unified MTS strategy in the fields of СSR and charity based on the analysis of the environment and the interests of key company’s stakeholders and understanding that charitable activity of the company aims to create a favorable ecosystem for sustainable long-term development.

One of the key principles of the MTS in the sphere of CSR is to focus on achievable and measurable results. It means that company stands by a policy of meaningful social investments with the projected effect.

The basic principles of the strategy of MTS in the field of CSR and charity based on the introduction of best practices and the use of innovation, coupled with the main business areas of MTS.

All MTS charity and CSR projects based on the principle of “shared value”: benefits for businesses = benefits for society.

MTS implemented a series of measures aimed at elevating social IT penetration, unleashing the hidden potential of young talent, providing assistance for family and childhood, protecting the environment, improving people’s health, supporting veterans, and developing the cultural and historical heritage of the regions and countries in which MTS operates.

MTS’ charitable and sponsorship activity unfolded in the following directions:

Assistance for children

Caring for children’s health

MTS educates children, parents and teachers

MTS supports the artistic potential of children

Open innovations through MTS’ “Idea Factory” and “Telecom Idea”

The generational ties that bind

MTS supports sports

MTS preserves historical heritage and promoting of culture

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