Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) presents a new GSM service

14 May 2001

MTS is enhancing the range of value added services providing mobile access to the Internet’s resources Moscow, Russian Federation — 14 May 2001 — MobileTeleSystems OJSC (NYSE: MBT), Russia’s leading mobile operator, presented a new service — SIM browser — a special application based on enhanced features of a SIM-card at the “Svyaz Expocomm — 2001” international exhibition.


While using a SIM-browser, a full range of Internet-based services is available to MTS subscriber: access to data on personal account, weather forecast and the latest news as well as such services as mobile banking, “yellow pages” and access to various databases. Mobile access to the Internet resources via SIM-browser differs from a similar service based on WAP protocol. SIM-browser significantly optimizes surfing the Internet. Using a SIM-browser MTS subscriber can set up specific links on his (her) SIM-card to get access to required data directly via a handset menu, without using WAP-site directories. Besides, in this case the subscriber does not have to pay for the airtime while reading information or typing an e-mail message.

Commenting on this, Shagit Reznikov, Director of New Technologies and Services of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, said: “SIM-browser is the technology which enables to access WAP without using expensive WAP-enabled handsets. This is a “friendly” technology for subscribers as it helps to save money not only on purchasing WAP-enabled phones but also on receiving all kinds of information services”.

The SIM-browser service in MTS network will operate as follows: a subscriber selects a SIM-headline in the menu (for example, “News”), the SIM-browser processes this request, encodes it and sends to the WAP-gateway as an SMS message. After receiving the request, the gateway translates it into another format and sends, for example, to a news agency. The answer from the news agency follows the same way back and the subscriber receives it as SMS messages.

Mobile TeleSystems company is now designing a number of services for MTS subscribers using SIM-browser.

SIM-Browser is a special application based on the “SIM Application Tooklit” technology.

A modern SIM-card in a mobile handset is a microcomputer with its processor, memory and operating system. Such card enables to carry out various applications: text entry on a phone’s display, sending and receiving SMS messages, creating new phone menu, typing and sending information inquires etc. If earlier ordinary SIM-card’s features seemed incredible, they have become common and now even don’t suit constantly growing demands of subscribers.

The STK (SIM Application Toolkit) technology was developed 3 years ago and permits now to enhance the standard phone’s menu. Thus, subscribers are provided with possibility to use new services offered by GSM operators. A subscriber can use any phone model. The special STK application — SIM-browser, stored into a SIM-card, makes possible to access Internet resources directly from a mobile handset which supports Phase GSM 2+. About 65% of all GPRS terminals in MTS network are expected to support the STK technology by the end of the year 2001.

SIM-browser platform is the software-device complex comprising several software products. The platform is delivered by Gemplus — a world’s leading provider of smart-card-based solutions and one of the SIM-card suppliers for Mobile TeleSystems OJSC.

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