MTS’ Tariff Plans — Changes

25 July 2006

MTS will change the first call minute fee on some of its tariff plans.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Due to the launch of free incoming calls, the mobile operators need to increase their rates.

From August 4, 2006* MTS will increase the first call minute fee at a small amount**.

The first call minute fee has been determined by the principle that, taking into account the launch of free incoming calls, users’ expenses shouldn’t exceed expenses prior to July 1, 2006. For more information about the first call minute fee in your region, please visit here.

For example: if, under the user’s tariff plan the outgoing call fee is 7 cents per minute and the first call minute fee is increased by 1.5 cents, the charges will be as follows:

  • For a call length of two minutes:
    1 minutes * 8.5 cents + 1 minute * 7 cents = 15,5 cents
  • For a call length of ten minutes:
    1 minutes * 8.5 cents + 9 minute * 7 cents = 71.5 cents

The following MTS’ tariff plans will remain the same:

  • First tariff plan
  • All corporate tariff plans
  • All unlimited tariff plans (Exclusive, Business Without Limits etc.)
  • Profi tariff plans (excluding Moscow and the Moscow region) and MTS. OPEN
  • Universal and Guest tariff plans (in Moscow and the Moscow region)


  • All incoming calls in the home region*** will be free
  • Calls with national and international roaming will remain the same
  • Rates will be increased if the call exceeds the given minute period on tariff plans with minutes included into monthly fees
  • Calls less than three (five) seconds depending on a tariff plan will be free
  • Calls to emergency services (police, fire service, etc.) will be free
  • Call fees to free information services (quick dial 0890, 0880, 0590, 0022, 112 And other numbers and their fixed line analogues) and quick dial numbers of other charged information and entertainment services will remain the same

We recommend that users pay attention to MTS’ new offer: the First tariff plan with the super outgoing call fees and free incoming calls. The First tariff plan’s parameters will remain the same.

Users can switch to MTS’ First tariff plan by:

  • Sending a free SMS message with «007» to 1771;
  • Calling MTS’ contact center on 0890;
  • Visiting an MTS salon-shop;
  • Via Mobile Assistant by dialing 002227;
  • Via Internet Assistant at the regional website (available in Russian only).
The switching fee is 1.00 standard unit.


1 standard unit equals 1.00 USD in Rubles under MTS’ internal rate and equals 28.70 Rubles. Rates given excluding VAT.

* Date given for Moscow and the Moscow region. Connection fees will be launched in other regions from 4 to 21 August, 2006. For more information about the launch date in your home region, please visit MTS’ website in your region. (Available only in Russian)
** The first call minute fee (complete or incomplete) will be increased irrespective of charging units under the user’s tariff plan.
*** The home region is the region where the user has signed a contract for mobile service provision.

Above changes (excl. above exceptions) are available to users of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC and its subsidiaries Astrakhan Mobile CJSC, Volgograd Mobile CJSC, Mar Mobile GSM CJSC, MSS OJSC, Primtelefon CJSC, ReCom OJSC, Telesot CJSC and Sibintertelecom CJSC.

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